Free Ride Jet Ski Performance to the Limit!

Performance isn't a gamble when you bet on the House !

We can set your ski up with a PowerHousePerformance engine package that will bring your riding to new heights,  Literally!! Give us a call to design an engine package that will most suit your riding needs.

Engine Packages

Whether your looking for a freestyle port job on an existing cylinder or you're ready to step up to one of our full blown billet stroker Freeride kits we have the engine setup for you. We custom tailor a power delivery based on your specific performance needs.  

Cylinder Porting
Case Porting / Epoxy
Crankshaft Rebuilds

Custom Paint

Our custom paint is off the wall! We can work with your existing idea or design a completely original scheme for ski that will be sure to turn heads! Custom fit foot holds, sponsons, and carnage repair is also available. 

Complete Ski Builds

No time to build that custom ski your dreaming of? No Problem! We can ship you in a bare hull of your choice and build it using the components you specify. Our builders have many years of experience to help you choose the parts necessary to achieve the level of ride quality you expect.

             PHP 937cc Freeride 4mm Stroker

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PHP Captain America Superjet Paint

                                                                                                                                              PHP 937 Superfreak

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