We have been busy at PHP pushing the envelope of performance. Check out these new items!

New PHP 4340 Chrome moly billet stroker cranks. We now build our own crankshafts in house. We were able to eliminate almost 2 lbs of rotating mass to give our engine instant freestyle throttle response! These cranks also have better dynamic balance than the stock crankshafts to minimize vibration and extend bearing life. The center pins are also 4340 chrome moly to combat torsional twisting that the stock based stroker cranks suffer from throwing off timing on the rear cylinder. Everything is heat treated, precision ground, trued, and welded. This is the same steel nitro funny car cranks are made of...the best of the best! This will be standard in all of our billet engines for 2013.


New PHP modular 62T intake manifold. After not being happy with the performance of the current market offerings PHP has developed an intake manifold based directly on the needs of the freeride market. We came up with a better approach angle for the air fuel mixture into the reed cage as well as a low friction dimple finish on the runner surface. The carb height has also been moved closer to the cases for an improved vacuum signal. They are CNC matched for Vforce3 reed stuffers, but any cage as well as stock can be used. This will add some serious grunt to engine! Can be used with or without speed plate for additional clearance on tight hulls.



New 780cc PHP Powermouse 4mm stroker engine! For the guys who aren't quite ready to jump into a billet power valve engine we have come up with a great option. We start with your stock 701 61x cylinder and cases, add in our new 4mm billet stroker crank, epoxy and port your cases, custom port your cylinder after we punch it out with some 83mm Prox pistons, and top it off with our ADA/PHP head with our custom cut domes. 780cc's of freestyle ripping power for the low cost price of $2850 complete! This is a way better option than a big bore 760 for less cost...believe us, this mouse is mighty!!


Kawasaki guys we didn't forget you! Send us your stock sxr 800 engine and we will turn it into a an 820cc fire breather. We port the cases, throw in a new trued and welded crank with oem seals, add our hard hitting cylinder porting to fresh big bored cylinder and top it off with a ADA/PHP head. Perfect for all you Q8 guys who don't want to convert over to all Yami stuff. Take advantage that your Kawasaki comes with 6mm more stroke than their Yamaha counterpart! All for only $2400!

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